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Multiplayer CD-KEY


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I have battlefront2 works fine (single & Multiplayer). I have also just bougtht Battlefront as many of my online freinds play this.


The problem is encountered when joining multiplayer (powered by Gamespy), message pops up 'CD not authorized to play this game'. I have found many other posts in other forums and spent days researching this CD-KEY issue


Now I have joined this forum as a result of major frustration trying to resolve this. I have contacted the following:


Lucasarts: Posted on their tech forum, e-mailed them (twice). Finally got a reply and they told me contact Activision.


Activision: I had already phoned and e-mailed (no response) them, so I phoned them again. The only solution was to give them my CD-KEY which they would e-mail to Lucasarts for advice. (I have already done that)


A friend of mine who plays Battlefront e-mailed me his Key to try out and that worked... BUT obviously I can't use his key AND why should I, I bought this game from a main dealer factory sealed. Activisions original advice was to return the game and exchange for another copy, I did that ...same problem!


There are posts on the Lucasarts forum which HAVE been resolved by Lucasarts either authourizing the Key on Gamespy server or e-mailing valid multiplayer enabled Key to the cistomer. I've even had people chip in on my thread saying they have the same problem.. got nowhere with support and could I let them know if I get it fixed who to contact.


Anyones thoughts/views appreciated



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