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Need help with model please!!


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Hi guys, im new in here and as I see you are the only ones who can help me.


My problem is the next:


I have a model/skin (i really cant find the difference) of Jango Fett, and I really like it, but when somebody drains on me, or use lightning on me the effect that this force powers do which is like an effect all over the model, permits me see that there is like a jetpack and an arc which they are invisible, i mean, in the model, there is a jetpack and an arc but they have no textures, so this items are invisible while im playing, and i would be really happy if one of you guys could please remove this jetpack and arc from the model.. i tried to do it but i couldnt, here are the things i need to remove (i opened with milkshape 3d and this were their names):









head_trf (this is a little antena at the side of the helmet which i also would like to remove)


These parts are the one i'd like to remove, i mean, if you want, to have a better picture of what i mean, open jk2 with the model installed and play with it, thats the way i would like the model to be, as it is visible in-game, but without the antena on the side of the helmet and the invisible parts of the model (jetb, jeta, jetc_thrusters, jetc_ring, jetc, shpad, snipergr).



Here is the model: http://rapidshare.de/files/21733918/Ulti_JangoFett.rar.html


To download just open this link, scroll down to the bottom and click the "Free" button, when you clicked this button, scroll down again and wait until the counter goes to 0, put the code in the box and press "Download from mirror..."



If you could do this favour to me, i would be really grateful to all of you and this great community!

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