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server help ban melee


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Since when will melee jeopardize a server? Sure, some people might take to using throws to throw people into pits, but other than that, saber users can usually just deal with it by kicking their ***. Plus, I don't think melee can be disabled, since otherwise players can't defend themselves against people with weapons at all, except if they have force powers, which they probably should anyway if they go ahead saberless, in which case they can defend themselves a little, but with melee, they can deal with attackers if they get too close or their force is too low to use any powers. But as I can see, you seem to not want guns or melee on your server, while I personally don't like that type of server, I'm not going to go flaming over it like an idiot. So first of all, if you don't want people fighting at all, disable everything if you can, which I personally don't get why anyone would want that at all, I will not flame/whine at you for the reasons I have said already. Second, if you do want sabers in, but don't want melee, I don't think you could disable it unless you make some sort of script that does that, which would be how you would disable all weapons in the first suggestion. Third, I don't think excess numbers will disable more than the actual maximum.

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