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Video just stops working in BF2!! PLZ HELP


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I am tring to figure out why the video just stops working in the middle of playing BF2.


I am using a ATI Radion 9550 and i have tried using both ATI drivers and the omega drivers the game does not crash persay its just the video will hang a few times to a black screen sound still playing and then it will return to working normaly but then after a little more time passes the screen just goes blank but the game does not crash it just loses the video i can still click my fire button and hear my gun fire and all its just the video does anyone have a fix for this i checked the offical website and there is nothing on that site about it i tried to post on thier forums but even when i register it says i do not have permision to post.... I am on vacation and i am tring to fix this issue for my Sisters Husband and i would like to help him out please if anyone knows anything i can try please respond

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