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anyone still around?


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I'm just starting out with some of the Stars Wars games out there (old and new ones).


Couple games that I've really liked (personally, and ones my son likes) are:


Battle For Naboo http://www.lucasarts.com/products/naboo/

Rogue Squardron 3D http://www.lucasarts.com/products/rogue/

Star Wars Legos

Battlefront (only have I)


All of these are games for the PC


Was wondering what other Rogue Squardron games are there for a PC? I've found a couple other Rogue games, but from what I can tell, they aren't for PC's.


Or is there any other SW games similiar to Naboo/Rogue (I don't like the games where you have to build stuff, buildings etc.)?


I'm looking for things my 6 yr old can play, and things that are fun for Dad too



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