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[ISF] Imperial Special Forces


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Imperial Special Forces


ISF is probably one of the oldest clans around today. We have supported numerous games including tons of star wars games over the past 5 or 6 years. We do require recruitment. We have an easy-to-use forum. Probably one of the simplest in any clan. The only thing we are really strict about is Noob bashing, Cussing, trash talking, and spamming the lobby. These show low character. We also award medals to over achievers and use a excellant military rank system. We also require Xfire.




Why ISF is the clan for you:

- We use a military ranking system

- You earn medals for imporvement, activity, and all around achievements.

- Optional Training every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.

- Two great land divisions. (25th stormtrooper legion, 7th Marines ST Legion

- Two great Space Divisions. (ISD I Chaotic Fear, ISD II Ascendant Justice)

- A very simple forum.

- We are a very organized clan.

- We try to get involved in every tournament event.

- We scrimmage every oppurtunity we get.

- Friendly and helpful members.

- We are a civillized clan.



Clan Name: Imperial Special Forces [iSF]

Site: freewebs.com/isfheadquarters

Leaders: [iSF]Minton16, [iSF]Psych21, [iSF]Trooper_01, [iSF]Mac573

Clan Contact: contact me at darrin0119@yahoo.com


Story about your clan: ISF started back in galactic battlegrounds and was one of the largest clans around. We took a break for a while and started back up with EaW and have had huge success. We have 2 land divisions. 25th stormtrooper legion and the 7th 'Marine' Stormtrooper Legion. Plus 2 space divisions. The ISD Chaotic Fear and The ISD Ascendant Justice. We look for good character and loyalty in recruits. We use real military ranks and you are rewarded with medals for excelling above expectations and helping improve the clan. We do require you to try out but juss try your best in tryouts and thats all we ask. We would rather have a player with a great personality and average skills than a awesome player with an awful personality. We require Xfire. Due to the change of site we have had to start fresh in members. If you are interested in us, join one of our recruitment games. Or contact me on my yahoo email, Darrin0119@yahoo.com. On xfire, Generalminton16.

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