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Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic: The Darkness Within.


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After long thought I've decided to restart work on the much anticipated KOTOR II Mod; The Darkness Within, Many may have noticed that work stopped, this is due to the fact that I had many exams and was spending most of my time studying.


Anyway, a few months have passed since I last contacted a member off the game, the Head Voicer: Marcus, and he is still determined to help with the game, I've decided on a few things that I believe need to be changed, I'm unaware whether you agree:



We need a new Storyline, the current one is to...strait forward. It has no twists, no mystery, no sub plots...


A new Forum should be created since the current is full of inactive members, and there hasn't been a post for a few months now furthermore it is crowded with information relating to the original story line.


A website should be made, any good game has its own website.




We have a team already but I'm unaware whether most of them are still active, We've had many leave in the past. Anyway, if you'd like a role in this Total Conversion please post in this thread, or contact me through PM.


KOTOR Tool User

What we want: Someone who has skill at using KOTOR Tool to help make up the events off the game. If you'd like to help in this particular area I will have to see a sample off your work.



What we want: Someone who has access to a microphone and is able to imitate several voices or has knowledge on how to edit sound clips using tools, again I'd like to see a sample of your work before I accept.



What we want: If you think you've got what it takes to create working scripts, and you'd like to help us with the creation off this game, sign up here!



What we want: Someone who is able to model props/characters ect, again for this area a sample of your work will be required.



What we want: Someone with skill in either Paint Shop Pro or Photoshop who is able to edit textures on buildings and NPC's. In other words people who can work with TGA Files.


Story/Idea Contributer

What we want: Someone who has a good range of vocabulary and a good grammar who is able to help us develop the storyline or contribute Ideas for sub quests ect...


We don't, at this point in time need any Beta Tester, so don't bother asking, and also before signing up for any of the above areas ask yourself this:


"Am I able to help in the above area? Will I be loyal to the game and never abandon it?"


That is all I have for now, I'll post the link to the forums in due time, the link in my signature is the old one therefore it would be a waste of time joining....

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