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Chapter 7.2: A Collection of Heroes - publish notes

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Guest DarthMaulUK

On Tuesday, November 20, at 4:00 AM PST all U.S. and European galaxies will be taken down for server maintenance and a live update.


When the update is complete, all galaxies will be live but unavailable while we complete final testing. All galaxies will be made available after that time.


4:00 AM PST (Los Angeles) / 6:00 AM CST (Austin) / 7:00 AM EST (New York)

12:00 PM GMT (London) / 1:00 PM CET (Berlin) / 8:00 PM (Tokyo)

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Chapter 7.2: A Collection of Heroes


Publish Notes, November 20, 2007


Character Transfer:


Fixed an issue with items in POB ships not transferring.

Fixed an issue with items in a packed house not appearing at their original location/rotation after the house has been transferred and unpacked.

Veteran Rewards:


You can now claim veteran rewards in any order, with the exception of the tri-monthly veteran rewards, which must be claimed in order.

54 month veteran rewards are now available if you qualify for the reward. See this Friday Feature for more details on the new veteran rewards.

Heroic Encounters:


If you walked away or didn't take Kaibe's final quest for the Droid Army encounter, you can do so now.

The Tusken king will no longer form a shared health link with Tuskens inside of structures.

The Tusken King is less likely to become unkillable near the end of the encounter.



Storyteller jukeboxes may now be deployed inside of player buildings and inside of ships with interiors. To deploy the jukebox inside of one of these, you must be the owner or an admin of the building or the owner of the ship, or the storyteller you are assisting must be the owner or an admin of the building or the owner of the ship. The building or ship owner will be able to destroy any jukebox placed inside of their building or ship.

Player's examine window will now give the name of the storyteller they are assisting if they are assisting someone.

The jukebox now stops playing music when destroyed.

The jukebox song list is now alphabetized.

The radial menu on storyteller NPCs and jukeboxes have been cleaned up. Many of the options can now be found on a sub-menu.



The 2-Handed Tulrus Sword can be found on Mustafar.

Rare Legacy Melee Mark III Collection can now be completed.

Fixed an issue with the melee collection item Poisonspike.

Added various other Veermok to the Veermok Kill collection. Veermok located inside caves will now update kill collections.

Remmer spawns on Endor have been adjusted slightly to assist in the Remmer Kill Collection.

Shear Mite spawns have been adjusted.

Corrected an issue with the text for the Ferocious Creature and Cold-Blooded Killer badges.



Replaced glancing blows dealt portion of Stasis with combat mod that reduces energy and kinetic damage to 0.



False Hope, Lucky Break, and Head Crack were using the wrong modifiers to lower a player's chance to block and parry. The correct modifiers should now be applied.



Fixed an issue with portions of picture printer kits no longer dropping.

Removed the Emperor's underpants.

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