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Waypoint Editing

Super Nashwan

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Hi, can someone please give me some pointers on Waypoints editing with Kotor Tool. I've been following the Storyline Tutorial by Gsccc, and I've had no problems up to now, but the part about waypoints is not very detailed. Being the noob that I am I can't figure it out. i.e.


What or where is the waypoints subdirectory in Kotor tool?


It says to extract it to your module subdirectory. I extracted something but I ended up with a whole folder full of waypoints, not just one file as the tutorial suggests. Bit confusing.


In-game I noticed that the parts where there should be waypoints, like doors and stuff, it's just empty and you can see the skybox through them. I guess that's because I didn't actually add any waypoints, but the triggers list states the waypoints, so shouldn't it show something at least, even if it doesn't take you anywhere?


Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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