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Useful Scripts.


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I haven't yet tested these but I am making a list of Scripts I think would be useful. They are all already in the database so just write them in the script field on the dialog editor.


k_con_dark -Checks to see if player is Dark Side

k_con_light - Checks to see if player is Light Side.

k_con_neutral- Checks to see if PC is Neutral

k_con_isfemale -Checks to see if player is Female

k_con_isjedi -Checks to see if pc is Jedi

k_con_ismale -Checks to see if PC is male

k_con_isscout -Checks to see if PC ias a scout.

k_con_issmug -Checks to see if PC is a smuggler

k_con_issoldier -Checks to see if PC is Soldier

k_con_npctalk- check if one of the NPC talk triggers has just fired.

k_con_pereasy -Perform and easy persuasion check

k_con_permed- Perform and Medium Persuasion check

k_con_talkedto - Returns true if PC has not talked to this NPC before

k_act_cmusic_off - Switches the music from the ambient background track to the combat music track

k_act_cmusic_on - The description for this is the same as the above but I assume it switches the music from combat to ambient. ;)

k_act_darksml small shift towards the dark side

k_act_darkmed medium shift towards the dark side

k_act_darkhigh high shift towards the dark side.


I'll add more as I find them.

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