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Forces of Corruption Modding Issue


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I'm quite new to this subject, I have no idea on how to do the things I'd like. Here's what I have trouble with doing:

-All of my units, buildings, turrets etc. to have infinite health.

-During galactic conquest, I don't want enemies attacking me, it's annoying.

-Infinite money in galactic conquest. (If I buy something I don't want to loose money, but it still displays my daily income)

-Luke Skywalker to appear as Red 5 during space battles. (Exists in the game, but only if there are no ships bigger than fighters). Also his discription on the top-right corner of the screen to change to Red 5's, except in ground battles.

-Icon of the Millennium Falcon (picture of Han & Chewie) to always be the picture of Han & Chewie during space battles.

-TIE Advanced x1 to appear in-game. I would like it to come out of the Executor's hangar after arriving from hyperspace (just like TIE Fighters), dragging Darth Vader's icon with it. (I would like the same TIE Advanced x1 from EAW, with the squadron and all...

-Death Star I and Red Squadron to appear in-game. This is how it works: First, the Empire doesn't build Death Star II, but the first Death Star (with no enhanced targeting). Same with Red- and Rogue Squadrons. When Red Squadron destroys Death Star I, they both disappear, but they are replaced by Death Star II and Rogue Squadron.

-Eclipse (finished, not "being under construction" version like in the campaign)

as Palpatine's flagship, having the Emperor's icon as well.

-Kyle Katarn and Mara Jade to appear in galactic conquest. Plus in space maps, Kyle to have the Moldy Crow (if it exists in-game), and Mara to have a ship if she has one, but I doubt it.

-Have infinite reinforcements (shows how much I have/how much would be the limit)

-Force adepts to appear in galactic conquest. They can be bought for a price.

-Also, shields to have infinite health as well.

-Rebels to be able to always buy Z-95's.

-Build time for everything to reduce to x secs

-If I corrupt planets I don't want my enemies to remove corruption, this is also annoying, but if I'm with the Rebels or the Empire I still want to be able to remove corruption.

Can anyone please help? I'm really desperate!

PS: If you don't understand something, I'll gladly explain.

Thanks a lot.

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