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Requesting Help with Galactic Conquest Map


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So I have been desperately looking for a map that has b/w 40-55 planets allows you to play as all 3 factions Empire, Rebels, and ZC and starts you on only 1 planet where the rest of the galaxy is controlled by neutral/pirates/hutts and actually works


I have found one such map called equal footing 1 planet start v1 but it is completely bugged for the ZC which is the faction that I am really want to play.


Also I would like to point out that at this point I just want to play the game the original way it was indented to be played most of the mods that i have looked into are complete reconversions of the game itself.


So if anyone knows or has a galactic conquest map for foc that has what I am looking for can you please point me in the right direction








I would also like to add that I am not a modder and have no idea how to create or edit any of the maps nor do i have any of the software or would even know where to look so i am looking for an aleady made map.

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