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The Rise of the Empire (Rebellion RP)

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Hey guys! Welcome to Rise of the Empire. This RP depicts the period in-which the Empire rose to power and the Old Republic fell from grace. The Rise of the Rebellion and the conflicts of Legend will be started in due course.


1 BBY(Before Battle Of Yavin): Senator Bail Organa has retired from the Imperial Senate and is replaced by his heir, Leia Organa.


Also, the Great Jedi Purge has formally ended. The Rebellion is underway, so heres abit of history for all you folks.


Three Founders of the Rebellion:

Bail Organa-Supplied the Funding

Mon Mothma-Supplied the Soldiers

Garm Bel Iblis-Supplied the Starships


The founding of the Rebellion wasn't as you would think. In fact, the Emperor himself unwittingly created it. A quick go-over would put it pretty much at this; Darth Vader took upon himself a Secret Apprentice, but the Emperor was in fact very much aware. Marek was never told his name. Known to his comrades only as Starkiller, he found no time for pleasure under Vaders teachings.


Marek was tasked with the assissination of three major jedi. With two he succeeded, but one survived. Rahm Kota. In the following events Marek was tricked into gathering the Emperors enemies . . . only to have them captured by the treachery of Vader.


This plot was laid out by Palpatine himself, his plan to gather his enemies and destroy them. But Marek survived, went to the Death Star, their prison, and freed them from the Empires grasp. The process cost him his life . . . but his legacy lived on forever. The leaders, so stirred by his sacrifice, took it upon themselves to finally form . . . The Rebel Alliance. His family crest took the banner and his love interest, Juno Eclipse, went on to become a great pilot in the Rebellion. But what part will YOU play?


Character Profile-

Name: Mikey "Starshot" (Michael Barons)

Class: Rebel Commando

Weapon: Z-69 Disruptor Rifle.

Sidearm: DC-170 Rapid Fire Blaster.

Strengths: Sharpshooting, Reflexes, Bravery

Weaknesses: Ground Vehicles, Long Distance Combat

Background: Born on Corellia, Michael Barons is devoted to the Rebellion and will stop at nothing to excact justice unto the Empire. At the age of nine Michael learned the pain of loss, as his father fell to Pirates. His mother already long dead, Michael was alone.


Only his sister remained and she was devoted to the Jedi Order. Michael often found himself visiting her, in need of support or advice. He became close to her. But then . . . The Clone Wars began and whenever he tried to keep her away from the front lines, the closer she crept to them. He knew her chances of survival were low, so he secretly signed up for the Military.


He quickly rose through the ranks but decided to refuse a offered promotion to Captain, not wishing to attract attention so close to his sisters station. More than once he found himself saving her life, but she never knew . . . or did she?


But one day . . . something happened that Barons still can't quite gather. The Great Purge began . . .


A deformed visage stared out of the holo-projector and uttered words in a ghastly tone. "Issue order 66" the figure commanded. The Clones then broke formation and grinded to a halt. e followed suit and stared onwards towards his sister. She turned and looked straight at him, not at his body, nor his eyes . . . straight at HIM.


Their blasters erupted to life and green-blue lights fluttered across the scene and connected with her lightsaber. Michael immediately dropped his weapon and stared in terror, eyes like a child, at his sisters demise. The Clones realized he saw the incidents and reloaded . . .


He passed out.


And awoke with a droid staring at him. He looked around to see a bacta tank . . . only he was INSIDE it. After a while he was released and told about the situation. He immediately voluntered to join this resistance . . . this Rebellion.


(( He woke up on Corellia in 9 BBY| Rebel Base; Dash-Reh Holdout ))

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