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  1. What happened to the Halo RP?

  2. Awesome! Where about's are you? :xp:

  3. No atm I only have a PS3, I keep thinking I should get the 360 seems like everyone has one but me, lol.

  4. Definetly. Have you xbox live?


    Oh and by the way, here's the art I promised, put into a nice little slideshow; http://img114.imageshack.us/slideshow/player.php?id=img114/4921/1239655567pc5.smil

  5. Sure, ^-^ i plan on getting the game when it comes out. And when it does you probably won't seem me for a few days.

  6. Just a tidbit perhap's! :xp:


    Haha, so want a sneak preview of some Assassin's Creed 2 art? It show's a few bit's about the game! :D

  7. Not that i Know of, though I have been known to sleep walk. Though I think Switzerland would be a little far to walk for me.

  8. That's just insane. I got hit by the snowboard of a guy who went into a tree! :mad: You weren't in Switzerland were you ... ? :¬:

  9. Don't worry about it to much man. Learn by experience that's what I always say.


    How did you break you leg man? I know it hurt like hell when I broke my leg before. No one ever told me Tree's and Snowboards don't mix, lol.

  10. Wow ... sorry to have brought it up ... I didn't mean to offend you or anything like that ... seriously I'm so sorry :(


    But I guess I'm okay, apart from breaking my leg. It's really kept me down I suppose, but seem's like nothing compared to what your going through ...

  11. In all honesty I've been horrible, haven't been wanting to do much of anything. Right now I'm looking for a new place to live just so I don't have to be around memories to remind me of some one.


    how are you?

  12. Kyvie, you've been quietly lately! How about's you catching up in the 'A. Creed' RP for me. Oh and how have you beed lately? :thmbup1:

  13. Ohh right :) Sorry, I've been doing alot lately so I'll get round to it. Changing topic--How's life treatin' ya lately? :D

  14. Hey man. Skywalker and I are just wondering whether you are still playing in her Werewolf RP. We need the good ol' villain, if you know what we're saying ;) So you still playing?

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