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  1. What happened to the Halo RP?

  2. Perhap's. Although the Doctor does indicate that there are other ongoing test subject's still around, meaning there may be more than one. But yes, your point is more than valid.
  3. Well from what I've learnt the reasoning for Desmond to go back into the past is this; To help the assassin's! That say's alot really, given the plot. Meaning somehow he is rescued/freed/etc. and the assassin's acquire an Animus?-Or Lucy is involved here. So many idea's.
  4. RC-1207 stood in the cockpit, shadowed by his Service Droid and HK Unit. The pilot wordlessly scuttled about, maintaing various aspect's of the hyperspace jump and such trivial matter's. He moved up beside the central console and tapped a small glass panel, causing vital data to materialize upon the main viewscreen. Large chart's and map's were sprawled across the screen, many marked with crosses and circle's. He tapped a paticular part of the Galaxy chart, causing the screen to focus upon it. A small pad containing detail about the location was displayed, allowing for quick access to information of value. Sev drew his finger down a luminous line attatched to the console, causing the viewscreen to again zoom in upon the indicated area. A few blip's began to flash upon the screen as it took focus, displaying a desolate planet. A paticular city caught his eye, as he tapped twice upon the indicated icon and examined the scene. HK moved beside him as he drew his metallic finger's along the underside of his headpiece. A small eye-piece launched out of an opening in his chassis to cover his left visor, giving an even more detailed overlook of the city district. Sev indicated a small chain of blip's to the Droid and issued a BSE upon the illuminated target's. The BSE (AKA Black Sun Elimination) protocol dictated that all target's 'vanish' before the alloted time, in order to get a paticular message across. The victim's in question were all of high-standing within the Hutt Cartel and thus an enemy to Sev and his new patron. HK obeyed without question and moved to the rifle rack, carefully examining his option's before drawing out a BASILISK-117 Hunting Rifle and departing for his kill's. A few moment's the blip's ceased to flash and a small deceased panel extended from the cross icon. A small new panel opened up in the corner displaying a new's feed of the Droid wreaking havock upon the Hutt's holding's, as he proceeded to blow up a Warehouse along with three target's. A smirk crossed 07's face as three more character bio's flashed deceased across the screen. He deactivated the feed, satisfied that the Droid would accomplish his objective's and vanish from the public's view within the required time limit. Sev slumped back against the chair and looked out over the scene that was Mos Eisley. A few thieves were ruffing up an innocent Merchant and a paticular Alien was having 'trouble' with the local troop's. He breathed a sigh of relief as he welcomed the life he knew only too well; for this was as close to home as he could get.
  5. Awesome! Where about's are you? :xp:

  6. Sev removed his helmet and looked over the quiet city, observing the people go about their daily lives. A gentle breeze caressed his face and sank into his armor, gently soothing him. He sighed and held the helmet afront him, staring deeply into the visor at his own reflection. Only, it wasn't his reflection that he saw, rather Delta Squad in the ol' day's of the Clone War's. Countless battle's and discussion's fluttered across the visor, his memories being projected onto the rather shiny material. He brought his hand forward and sweeped it across the visor, again looking into it. This time he saw only his reflection, as it should be. He sighed and replaced the helmet, activating the visor so as to see clearly. Thousand's of speeder's of various description's fluttered by silently, moving at a slow and deliberate speed. A few Stormtrooper's moved about one of the cities various walkway's, glancing about suspiciously. He sighed and retreated further up the landing platform, back toward's his freighter. He walked quietly, kicking at a small puddle in regret. The drizzle became a downpour, as worried citizen's hurried home to their families and a warm mug of ale. Sev meerly froze again, removing his helmet and allowing the liquid to drip freely from his finely carved feature's. Had the accident at Kashyyyk not befallen him, then perhap's he would be upon some distant planet right now, enforcing the Emperor's authority over some common rabble. A trivial task, yet he'd still be with his Bond Brother's, he'd still be a Storm Commando. Tear's mixed with rain as he held his gauntlet to his forehead, allowing the cold metal to soothe his pain's and tension's. He moved up the landing ramp and sealed the door, quietly making a motion into the lounge. He sat and placed his helmet down upon a table, asking for his Astro-Droid to retrieve a mug of Tarisian ale for him. HK-51, an antique model, strode silently into the room. He sat down beside his master and cast a blanket round his shoulder's, wiping the water from his face with a towel. The Astro entered a moment later, allowing Sev to retrieve a mug full of hot liquid. He thanked the Droid and motioned for them both to leave, wishing to be alone at such a time. He brought the mug to his lip's and drained it of it's content's, allowing the fluid to burn a trail down his throat and into his gut. The table rocked slightly as the ship rose, it's destination nowhere. Sev spent most of his time in the ship randomly flying about on autopilot, allowing him to enjoy the sensation of flying whilst still being able to think. He had converted the upper turret into a small bedroom, adding in a bed and a small fridge and ale compartment, along with a storage pad for his book's. The view when amidst such a place was stunning and peaceful, allowing for him to rest easy and distract his mind from conflicting thought's. The turret was still functional in the case of actual combat however, as to not risk his life. Sev moved up the ladder and onto his bed, laying atop the cover's and looking out of the viewport into the night's sky. Today had been uneventful and awfully quiet for him, giving him nothing to focus on other than memories that were simply that; memories. He drifted into the realm of the sleeping and lost himself in his mind.
  7. (Sorry, forgot.) A gentle breeze flowed onto the balcony from the mountain passes, caressing his finely chiselled feature's. A chorus of bird's echoed across the sky, filling the valley's with an unmatched tranquility. Hyshïïn closed his eye's as the death scream's of a brother flowed through the ornate corridor's of the citadel. He exhaled deeply, praying for his brother and thanking that his passing was quick and merciful. The Assassin silently raised himself form his chair and moved onto the rooftop, slowly walking along a rocky path carved into the delicate structure. Moment's later he arrived at the courtyard, watching as the Templar tackled his way through the crowd, fighting to make for the exit. Hyshïïn gathered his strength and threw himself from the building, landing atop a central flagpole and then jumping for a pole hanging off the wall-tower. He landed squarely upon the beam and jumped down from the structure, landing in a cart of hay. Emerging quickly from the hay he moved to the gate, watching as the Warrior rolled through just as the portcullis fell. He sighed gently, allowing the wind's to once again cast a cooling breeze across his form. The wind penetrated his clothes like a dagger, pricking at his skin like needle's, but he enjoyed the strange sensation. He pulled his crossbow from it's waist harness and directed the device at his head, keeping his hidden blade ready. The Templar turned around, briefly stunned by the Assassin's sudden appearance. "You have no honour do you? No sense of chivalry ... you murdered an innocent old man you fool. That was no assassin, but an innocent man! Not to mention how you handled that female so harshly, you are ungracious! I brought you here to save your life and it worked, not to mention I repaired your armor and weapon." He pulled a sheath from his leg and cast it at the Templar, spitting upon the ground as he did so. Chivalry was not an assassin's tenant, but Hyshïïn saw it as a valid one ... and this man just spat upon it. Every Crusader was bound by this ... this code of honour. He sighed again and turned, making toward's the gate and banging upon the portcullis twice. "I will send a letter to King Richard and inform him of your deed. Expect to lose your rank and title, as I doubt the Templar's will allow such ... dishonourable men in their number."
  8. Hyshïïn raised a finger from under the table; Dezoras' finger. He put it down amidst a napkin and folded it thrice, then placed it to the side. He chuckled slightly and passed Dezoras a gauntlet with a hidden blade attatched on the underside. He cast a bloodied dagger aside and handed the boy a small bandage to cover the gentle wound afflicted by his blade. "Welcome to the brotherhood."
  9. No atm I only have a PS3, I keep thinking I should get the 360 seems like everyone has one but me, lol.

  10. "Well as for weapon training, I can teach you. As for the vault, it contain's at least fifty set's of clothe's, all made from the finest material's. It also contain's many jewel's and alot of money for you. I have a question of my own to pose, however. When do you intend to become a full-fledged initiate?" Hyshïïn raised his left hand, revealing that one finger had been cut off so that his hidden blade could be utilized safely. He returned his hand to the glass and again sipped at it's content's, remembering the day of his initiation full-fledged.
  11. Oh sorry if we came across rude LoD! We didn't mean to be such or offensive, we were simply trying to get a point across. Sorry for any confusion I might of caused.
  12. Sev flew past the scene to find nothing there, likely meaning he had been captured. A comm signal came through, albeit weak. He flew back into the garage of his ship and moved up to the main console, not bothering to remove his grimy scout gear. He pushed the recieve button in time to hear the man make a deragatory remark about his hearing. "I'm recieving, what is it?"
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