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Join the Rebel Ground Forces!


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Join the Rebel Ground Forces


RGF is a gaming club that support Jedi Knight Academy, Jedi Knight Outcast and Battlefront 2.

Its and old club and we got up to 50-60 active members. RGF have monthly events up runing

on our own servers. Mostly the events are internal but some are against other Clubs!


We want you to join us, have as much fun as we do. We have a advanced Promotion/Award system

so its easy to check what is needed to get promoted!


If you want to join the Rebel Ground Forces, sign up on "http://www.darkjedi.org/club/RGF/"


Sign up and set "Zablar" as the recruiter.

Need any more information, you can contact me on:

hc-roupe@hotmail.com or my xfire "roupe93". Hope see you ingame!


//Rebel Ground Forces

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What do you do in this club? And most importantly is there a cost?!?! hope i didn't sound rude or anything. i just want some more details.


* S *




No, this club doen't cost anything for you or anyone else to join.


RGF is a club in a large gaming community or over 1000 players, which support various games.


As I posted we support SW:Battle Front , SW:Jedi Knight Series games.


As for what we do, We have internal & external club events. Usually biweekly or monthly.


We run things in a semi-formal military system were you can move up the ranks from an enlisted member to up to a general etc....


We use a website to keep track of events , stats , reporting of games played Etc...


I think you will find there should be somethings that you will come to like :)


If you want & you use xfire add me sithspawnx .


Thank You

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this is for rebels... sorry i play only as a Clone or a Soldier of the Empire


Well our system looks like the rebels, but in internal or external events you can choose whichever side you wish to play on. You aren't stuck with just one side :)

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