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My opinion on the PS2 version


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I just finished the PS2 version, and since The Tingler only based his "review" of the PS2 version on reports, I'm gonna share my opinion.


First of all, the game is, like Spalko would say, "Eager to begin, quick to finish". The game is SHORT. Really, really short. I beat it in about 5 hours.


The controls are okay, but much of the fighting is trimmed down. With the whip you can only grab a bad guy by his neck (that means no legs and no headbutts). Punching is limited to a four punching combo (right jab, left jab, right jab, left hook) and a charged right jab. Although Hot Sets and disarming guys is still present, fighting is quite dull.


The shooting sequences, in my opinion, are very cool. The only problem is you can kill guys with one shot. Although this makes it somewhat realistic, if you've got one hell of an aim, you can beat this sections in seconds.


Other sections like the QTE's (quick time events) are also easy, and most of them only require you to press R1 and L1 as fast as possible. The piano section... wasn't that frustrating. Of course, this is the PS2 version, which means you use the left analog stick instead of pure waggle. Much better in

my opinion.


The game isn't very buggy. I only experienced one glitch in the Istanbul level where I fell through the floor after using a secret door, but nothing else.


And my major complaint with this game, are its extras. Sure, there's Skins like Han Solo and Henry Jones Sr. and some Concept Art, but why the hell isn't there any Co-Op? Or ANY type of multiplayer:mad:? There's no extra game modes (no survival, no extra levels, no NOTHING) and there's no Fate of Atlantis. So after you've collected all of the artifacts and have played a little with the skins, there's not much else to do here.


I recommend this game only to die-hard Indy fans that don't own a Wii or a PSP. For everyone else, get one of the two other versions mentioned above.

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