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Stealth Mode Cancellation


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I haven't heard of anyone else having this problem; maybe that's just the way it is. But the game (This is for KotOR I) says that combat cancels stealth mode, but working with computers or on droids doesn't. However, it does, for me at least. I mean, I can get into a computer or into the droid interface, but you can hear the stealth-turn-off sound as I do, and after I exit the interface, I am definitely no longer in stealth mode. Which means if I want to slice a computer around bad guys I've snuck through, they attack me after I'm done; I can't just sneak back out.


This doesn't cause really really major problems, but I really dislike it. I don't have this problem in TSL (I don't think . . . geez it's been too long since I've played it I guess).


Is this just how it is? It doesn't seem to make sense. And I searched a lot but I haven't seen any other thread even mention it. (I could be wrong. I'm only human after all.)


Does anyone know anything? This has been really bothering me . . .

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