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Battlefront 2 Vista Fix


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I found this fix over at


and it worked for me (sorry if the fix have been posted before)


Here's the fix:


Go to START,

then click on CONTROL PANEL.


Be sure you aren't under "classic view" for the control panel. You know if you are not in classic view if you see categories such as "System Maintainence" and "Security." If you haven't tampered with the settings, then your most likely not in the classic view.


Anyway, then click on HARDWARE AND SOUND,

and then click SOUND.

A window will pop up.

Navigate to the RECORDING tab in the top,

then RIGHT CLICK on some open white space

and select "Show Disabled Devices."

Hopefully, if you are still in the RECORDING tab,

a new icon will appear called "STEREO MIX."

RIGHT CLICK on the SETEREO MIX icon and select "Enable."


Applause to Cgiff9 who found this solution

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