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[A+] JK2 secret society forms NEW CLAN.


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The widely unknown clan, known to it's members as 'Alpha', and not known by those outside it, has finally decided to create a JK forum and try to resurrect some players and attract new ones.


Any retired & inactive members are welcome back under the new structure, and new players are welcome.


Public tags are now allowed, in the form of [.\] for Clan members (variation: ~.\), (.\) for Guild members, and :.\: for Probationary members.


The clan is still run after all these years by an anonymous leader system, which was a source of much intrigue and fun. Possibly the most mysterious clan you could be a part of.


I'm current manager of the clan, and had instructions to create forums and create a new clan from the society to enjoy the "last days" of JK2 and perhaps spark some new interest.


No current server, but the clan (like the past society) has a strong saber focus, and members generally meet on duel or ffa saber servers. Some of our members were fantastic force players though, and much of that knowledge is still around.


All are welcome to register on the newly created forum, keep in touch, and if interested apply to join [.\]




- [.\]'$naX''

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