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Nar Shadda. cant get off.


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Okay, I finally made it to a second planet. yay. Nar Shadda. but. I am having trouble with my game crashing. Let me explain. I am going back to the ebon hawk when I have to kill some slavers ( red sun I think)... and I am thru them.. and I get onto the ebon hawk and the game crashes... EVERY TIme:confused: I am assuming there is a cut scene that is having trouble loading... but, to spend as much time on the game already ... and the get stuck here :( can any help me. ( and I think you should make a badge for the most newb. player that keep badgering the boards with silly questions. I would totally nominate myself)


help... thanks. :raise:

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Yeah thats a cutscene alright.


But its an ingame one, so (im not very familiar with the game) but you may have a couple script errors or something relating to that one part. which might have been caused by a mod as Seth said.


(Again I may be totally wrong. But my meager knowledge of modding points me to that conclusion)

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