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I have alot of these.


So what if Palps wasn't the super genius we thought he was? What if he killed Plageous only to continue with the plan that HE started?


Plagueis could create life. Anakin had no father. So what if Plagueis created Anakin is Shmi's womb so that he could use him to conquer the galaxy? He could have told Palps his plan, and sent ANOTHER apprentice (breaking the rule of two, I know, but still possible) -- Sifo-dyas. Why would any sane Jedi order a slave army from the Kaminoins? So Sifo-dyas makes the deal with the Kaminoins, only to be killed by PALPATINE'S secret apprentice (Tyranous). Then Palps walk into Plageous's chambers and kills him in his sleep.


NOTE: The clone army was ordered THE YEAR SIFO-DYAS DIED. And it was around the time that Dooku left the Jedi order.



So what do you guys think of this theory?

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