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Hello. I am Tahl from the clan Neutralist Elite Corps. This clan was very old and eventually it died due to inactivity. I am trying to revive the clan and make it a fun and active clan and I need council members. We used to be a ClanMod clan but for various reasons we're switching to Japlus when the server comes. A lot of the members from the old clan have disappeared as we only have 2 members to start with. We are in urgent need of new members to help rebuild the clan. We currently do not have a server. I am trying my best to get a server and I think I've almost got one. The forums are still under construction but you're welcome to register. The link is below. If you're interested in joining you can contact me on Xfire.

My Xfire username is: impa98

Thank you for reading this!





Normal Link:




Short Link:



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