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Dialog between 3+ people

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This is a tutorial on how to have more than one NPC talk during a single conversation. It comes in handy when you need other NPC's input during a conversation.




KotoR tool

DLGEditor 232


Now we can begin:


Step 1: Open up KotoR tool and extract "p_carth" and "p_cand".

Step 2: Open up the DLG editor and start a new dialog.

Step 3: Write your dialog. In the SPEAKER entry box is where you put the TAG of your NPC. In this case, in Carth's line, you put the tag "Carth" in the SPEAKER box. Basically, the SPEAKER box defines who is speaking. This is where you put the tag of your NPC.

Step 4: Save the file, make sure to change the Conversation to the dialog name in the UTC files then put the files in the override and test it out.


Using Carth and Canderous is a bad example, but it simply shows how to work it. But make sure that the NPC's you want talking are close to you or the dialog will cease.


Thanks for reading and if you have any questions, feel free to PM me or post in this thread.

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