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The Dune Sea Cartel | End Game Raiding Focused | Republic Guild | US Sever |

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-Dune Sea Cartel-

"We will protect the Republic!"

Guild Website

TOR Website


Allegiance: The Galactic Republic

Server Type: PvP

Play Style: PvE with the thrill of open world PvP

Recruitment: All classes are welcome

Communication: Private Ventrilo Server

Location: United States/Canada

Server: Anchorhead





Where does DSC come from?


The Dune Sea Cartel was formed on the Kettemoor server in the game Star Wars Galaxies back in 2003. DSC was about thirty active members strong and all about advancing our city Echo Canyon on the planet Tatooine. This involved establishing ourselves in the crafting market and creating alliances with other guilds and even participating in server events like the famous cantina crawl. We also created our own PvP and PvE raid events, which is saying a lot since there was no "end game" content during this time. We were all about team work and the only reason we are not still playing SWG today is SOE's NGE took the game in a direction that we could not follow. So after three years we decided to abandon all of our hard work and find a new home with the upcoming giant World of Warcraft.


While we did leave the name Dune Sea Cartel behind us we played WoW for about five years on and off in several different raiding guilds. We participated in old school forty man raids and the most recent twenty five mans of WOTLK. We all picked up Cataclysm and while it was yet another refreshing expansion it seemed like it was only a matter of time before most of us got burned out for good. When we heard about a Star Wars MMO in development we were so excited at the thought of recreating our beloved guild Dune Sea Cartel. We have been following the game since before the site launched and haven't missed an update yet!




What is your mission satement?


DSC's main focus will be exploring flashpoints and all operation content. We will also participate in other group activities such as world arc quests, Open World/Warzone PvP, and all forms of character advancement. Social aspects such as role-playing are enjoyed on a more casual level, but have a place in the guild. We want to create an atmosphere for mature players to come together and work as a team. We consider ourselves casually hardcore and hope to explore all content that The Old Republic has to offer. We believe foremost that our enjoyment of the game comes first, and we are excited about sharing our experiences together as a community.


We will never require anyone to fulfill a role in the guild that they don't want to. If you want to be an Armstech, you can be an Armstech. If you want to be a Sentinel, be a Sentinel. This is your game and nobody should tell you how your going to play it. This idea is not just restricted to classes and professions, but play styles as well. We are open to ALL types of players and we are not going to deny an application because you don't want to participate in end game raiding. We want our members to feel comfortable with the roles they want to fulfill in The Old Republic.




What does your leadership look like?


DSC's leadership consists of a council with seven seats. The role of our council is to delegate tasks and responsibilities that come with running a guild. The council will lead the guild in all major decision making and progression. Every major decision will be made by the council with a simple voting system. Each council member will get one vote to cast on any of the decisions made while they hold this title. Council members will take part in things like organizing banks in game and on the web site, learning and leading flashpoints and operations, and recruiting members to the guild, etc. Council members will also discuss and handle any issues raised by guild members.



What type of members are you looking for?


DSC is looking for members who value respect and teamwork. We want members to feel that DSC is not just a guild, but a community for friends and family to link up in game. We believe maturity is a mindset not an age. We are looking for people who are interested in a laid back and fun environment. People who are not afraid to speak up and ask questions or make suggestions. So, If you're looking for a community of players that work as a team in a drama free and fun atmosphere, then maybe DSC is the place for you!



How can I apply to the guild?


If you interested in our guild you need to create an account at the Dune Sea Cartel website where you will be asked to fill out a short application. Once you're accepted to the guild you need to go to the guild section on the TOR website and sign up for DSC. If you have any questions please feel free to make a thread on our General or Member forums here.




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