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The Start of an Empire


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Revan stood inside the Command Center, overlooking the rest of the Star Forge. He felt the powerful dark side energy emanating from the ancient Rakatan space station, tugging at his very being. Rather than resist, he chose to bask into the power in order to fuel his own plans.


He stood in awe of the ancient space station, dumbfounded how such a violent, uncivilized, barbaric race could create such technological achievements, that they surpass the greatest technological advancements made by any of the races of the current galaxy.


Memories flash back to his quest for the Star Maps, meeting the Sith Emperor, converting his soldiers from Republic to Sith. He remembers the areas where the maps were hidden, the trials they had to face: a Rakatan Temple on Dantooine, an ancient Krayt Dragon cave on Tatooine, the Hrakert Rift in the oceans of Manaan, a computer he constructed in the Shadowlands of Kashyyk, and Naga Sadow's Tomb on Korriban.


He is suddenly interrupted from this flush of memories by someone who just exited the elevator in the Command Center.


"Why do you disturb me?", hissed the Sith Lord.

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"Master, Pardon my disturbance. I wished to discuss some findings." Malak announces, the metallic tone rings in the empty chamber.


It seems as though it was only yesterday that I had found the last star map, when in fact it was several days earlier.

Since then we had arrived on the Star Forge, a station exceedingly large and advanced. It courses with power and yet is deceptively confusing in it's devices, it baffles every technician in the fleet but a mere hour of meditating reveals its power to one who looks.


Malak steps up just beside Revan and waits.

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