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Problem in displaying server JK2.


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Hellow. I started JK2 server on my VPS but i can't find it in the search(but i can add it to favorites and then it displays and I can connect to him).

I added in the server cfg master list

seta sv_master1

seta sv_master2

seta sv_master3

seta sv_master1 masterjk2.ravensoft.com

but it still not dispaying in search. What should I do?

ps sorry my english is bad

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I have the same problem, and I know why this is happening. For some reason the masterservers are recieving the wrong ports.


The port that I have opened and that should be sent to them is 28070, but instead they are getting something random like 55676. It's pretty weird, but this is why the masterservers have a problem listing the server.. :/


If anyone know how to fix this please tell us!

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