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Cutscene Dialogue

Sith Holocron

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I know it is possible to get the sound files from the pre-mission briefings from both the regular and Secret Order missions. I also know where to get the after-mission briefings as well - the same location.


Is there a way to get the voice files that appear in the cutscenes and/or the voice files that are in the actual missions themselves? I haven't been able to locate either.

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I've found something called "TFEXPAND" but I'm not exactly sure how to use it. I have to sneaking feeling this is the program I'll need in order to get the job done. If anyone has experience with this program, please PM me.


If there's an alternate route to getting those sounds files, please reply here.





I've found ConMan (short for Container Manager) over at The Admiral's Command Chamber. For opening LFD files, it's pretty easy to use. I used it on an XP computer so I don't how useful it would be on Vista or Windows 7. I've used this for the cut-scene dialogue which was my primary goal.

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