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Dedicated Server PC Help


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Hello everyone!

I am Daniel and I am new to the forum and the Battlefront II. I have a problem...A good friend gifted me a copy of BF2 on Steam. I wanted to run a dedicated server as I run a server for other multiplayer games as well.


The issue I have is that I can run the software and connect to it via LAN. If I run the session in internet mode, I can connect. The connection states I am connected by a local IP, and not my external. If my friend tries to join, by the way, the session is listed, it times out.


Now, I have searched this forum and the internet for hours and cannot find the proper ports. Can someone give me a list of ports to open?


As a note, I run a SonicWALL TZ100 firewall. I have also disabled UPnP.

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