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Havoc Clan


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Hey all,


I come as a representative of {Havoc}Clan to these forums :) You may have heard of us from SWBF1&2 as, while the games where still extremely active, we where one of the largeest "all welcome" clans. To find out more about us please see here:






We are still running our website at http://havocsquad.net/ and we have a base of around 20 active members members. We have just started pre-recruiting for DICE's Batlefront and provide a friendly and safe enviroment for people meet and talk about Battlefront and any other Star Wars related things.


At the launch of DICE's new game we intend on being one of the first clans in the game and will be running events such as tournaments, either friendly or for prizes, and either inter-clan or within our own clan.


We are very layed back at the moment so if you would like to apply simply go here http://havocsquad.net/apply and join our community. Right now we understand if you are not all that active, however when the release date closes in we shall be asking members to be a whole lot more active.



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