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What happened to the Republic Military?

Master Secura

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This is something I've been thinking about for some time and want to see if someone has a answer. What happened to the Republic Military? What I mean by this is in games such as in KOTOR I / II and in The Old Republic, the Galactic Republic had an Army and Navy made up of citizens from the Republic. Why is it by the the start of the Prequel trilogy the Galactic Republic doesn't seem to have a Military?


Wars in which the Galactic Republic fought. (I'm most likely missing some.)


Tionese War, 24000 BBY

Great Hyperspace War, 5000 BBY

Mandalorian Wars, 3964 BBY

Jedi Civil War, 3958 BBY

Great Galactic War, 3681 BBY

Galactic War, 3642 BBY

New Sith Wars, 2000 BBY

Stark Hyperspace War, 46 BBY


If someone could give he an answer as to why, It would be much appreciated.

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