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Jedi Knight 2 - 2014 movie


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Hey guys,


ive been playing JkII 1.02 for around 10 years, and 1.02 is still going competitive, with a small community of around 120 people. i guess we are at the point where weve mastered this game more or less, in terms of tactics. there are also duel and ffa servers, where force powers are being used competitively on a real high level.


first, why not play jedi academy, 1.03 or 1.04? well, ive tried it all and in my opinion 1.02 is one of the best fps-close combat games ever. it allows total control over your ingame character, if you master movement you feel like a bird, you can combine the saber stances and slashes just fine without this odd feeling 1.04 gives you. there have been regular tournaments, and almost every day you will find captain games - where the best people ingame gather for a few games after selecting (more or less) balanced teams.


in my movie of 2014, i feature the most popular gametype, CTF. usually, CTF is 6on6 with 2 cappers, 1 basecleaner, 2 returners and 1 supporter with a specific job during the game. as for me, im a capper. i guess some of you might not understand whats going on in the movie on some scenes, my movie was made for the community with a deeper understanding for the gametype. however, there are also some slaughter frags.


hope you enjoy this, thought i share my movie with you. if u like to know more about 1.02 competitive gameplay or our community, add me on skype - elitesaber_jk2


im willing to help and teach everybody to get started in our community



there is also a flick of my clan mate called Ultra, whos a returner at CTF. perhaps, to get into jk2 his kind of frags are more entertaining to watch than a capper. check it out too:



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