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New styled Monkey Island 1 with talkie


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On begin, I wanna say hello to all Monkey Island Fans,


I love Lucasarts adventures game, but especially I love all talkie version of games. After I find Ultimate Talkie Project, with adding voice acting to part 1 and 2 I am very happy. Searching in net any cool fan made games and art in Monkey World I find this:




So i think, it will be great to changing original part 1 and 2 , in COMI style, only changed backgrounds, for begin ( adding more objects in horizon etc). Honestly I never play Escape of The Monkey Island. I love retro style, and best adventures for me are only in 2d :D I try to play Special Edition but prefer oldschool Monkey Island style :)


My best adventures list:


1. Broken Sword 1, 2, 2.5 PL

2. Monkey Island 1,2, 3 PL (1 and 2 talkie)

3. Beneath Steel Sky PL

4. Jack Orlando DC PL

5. Day of the Tentacle PL

6. Indiana Jones and Fate of Atlantis

7. Gabriel Knight: Sins of The Fathers

8. Sam and Max: Hit the Road

9. Discworld 1 PL and Discworld 2

10. Full Throttle and The Dig

11. Larry 7

12. Runaway 1,2 and 3


So you can see allmost of them are in 2D :)


I use Lucasripper to export all graphics and rooms and costume, but how I can Import back changed backgrounds? Sorry for my english if it is not perfect :)


What do you think about my idea?


I try some better Curse style backgrounds, I only copy some elements and paste, I'm Not good painter ;)

I use screen from COMI:




Than original backgrounds from SOMI:




And here is a final:




2D classic style :D


Greetings Nfsfan83.

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