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starwars force unleashed game ps3 help


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ok i have a ps3 and i got a download from the ps store. ? first 1 were do u find the hoth mission at my game is on CD and i download'ed it to game the starwars force unleashed game the first one and completed the game all levels and all easy med hard and extra hard it is no special game no sith 1 i got it on playstation store contact sony support they say go to lucasarts support help desk number and all of them eather dead line or no phone pick up does some one no were it is at ?? cd is so clean that you can eat of ov it. i have force unleashed 2 game found the download's there like endor mission no problems. but problems on force unleashed one game on disk CD AND I EVEN install'd it no hoth mission please help wood really like to no were it is at..

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