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Indiana Jones and the gold of Genghis Khan

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Hello, guys! :D


This morning I am pleased to present you an Italian project all related to our friend Indy!


Indiana Jones and the gold of Genghis Khan




Here the Italian link:




But it has been presented even on the pages of the AGS forum:




It is an adventure that chronologically follows the events of the movie and the game "The Last Crusade", and it reproposes atmospheres and graphics ... well: mouth-watering! YUM!








The author is called "Gabarts", is full of resources and interests, and after the release of a first mini-demo, he wanted to find the time to continue this project (to my delight)!


In the page indicated above there is also the link to download the entire first chapter of the game! Both in Italian and in English, to the delight of international fans!


Enjoy! :D

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