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OJPA Test Server (Updated: 06/FEB/15)


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Server Status

Current OJPA Version: r1147


The current test server for OJP: Anniversary testing is the OJPA Arena. While we carry out weekly play-tests, detailed here, the server is always open for players to come on and play the current version, and make suggestions as they see fit. Make sure to get the latest version of the mod being used, which will be listed above and continuously updated.

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Server updated with r1147.




New Features:


Saber Combat:


- Parrying while not attacking now grants the parrying player 10 FP.




Dodge System:

- All players now spawn with 100 DP.


Fatigue System:

- FP cost for standard saber attacks reduced to 8.

- Removed 1 second delay to FP regeneration after performing an action that blocks FP regeneration.


Melee Combat:

- Reverted kick animations to OJP 1.2 versions.


Saber Combat:

- Reverted parry animations to OJP 1.2 versions.

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