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Tavion on Jedi Master difficulty


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So, yeah, Tavion's 2nd stage, where she turns into Ragnos is pretty damn hard on Jedi Master difficulty.


She's got unlimited force, heals to 100% shortly after she gets low on health, outranges your lightsaber, and if you fight her without force protect on she throws you to the ground and decapitates you with her spinning sword.


The best I've been able to do is get her to 1/2 before she heals fully via Force Speed when she throws her blade.


I was only able to interrupt her heal stage once, by throwing my lightsaber, but usually she's too far away, or I'm too low on Force, having just healed myself.


Any tips on how to beat her on Jedi Master difficulty?



EDIT: Well, apparently the fight can take 8 hours or 20 seconds. For anyone else stuck on Jedi Master difficulty, I beat her 2nd stage by waiting for her to throw her sword, then force sprinting into a roll-stab, then slashing as many times as possible, then finishing her with lightning just as she got her sword back. Immediately went to cut scene.

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Well done. I thought she was tough as well, and it's true the fights could be short or long, sometimes depending upon luck (and because I had it set to realistic saber damage, which works for both you AND your opponents!).


You can always run away and heal of course, so it depends upon your playing style. The temptation I have to face in fights like this is that I get impatient and want to have it over with. ;)

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