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Guest Vanity

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Guest Vanity

Considering the other RP thread has gone inactive, this is my attempt to start an active one. Anyone who can forumulate a sentence and likes RPing can join. ;)



It will start around year one, where Manny still works at the D.O.D.. At first everyone's just going to get used to RPing with eachother until a better plot will be made and people join, and I get ideas. Everyone starts in El Marrow.



Be nice to eachother.

Do not spam the thread.

Sign up a character first and wait for me to accept it before roleplaying.

If you RP a character from the game, try to have a somewhat accurate portrayal with them.

You can play up to two people from the game, and have as many original characters as you want.



Domino Hurley (Vanity)




None so far



If you also want to play as someone from the game, just include it in your joining form. Characters that are listed as taken are not up for grabs, however if the person is inactive for more than a month then they will be available again.








Appearance/Clothing Description:

Background Information:




Domino Hurley huffs before jumping out of his seat and leaning against his desk, looking around the room. Eyes glancing to the clock, the man decides to get his things together, as it was soon time to leave. Walking out from behind his desk, Domino stops, and takes a swig of his premium scotch before getting important documents and files, setting them in his briefcase. As the clock strikes 8, Dom rolls his shoulder's back, and walks out of his office– locking the door behind him.


"Domino," Eva nonchalantly greets, not looking up from her crossword puzzle.


"You not leavin' yet, Eva?" He stops in front of her desk, looking down at her.


"The big boss wants Manny and I to stay late and organize some papers." She explains before yawning, and then adjusting her glasses.


Dom shrugs, "Id help you, but organizing isn't my forte'." He says, smirking slightly.


"I know, I've seen your file system."


"Hey, at least it's not as bad as Don's." He says somewhat defensively.


Eva looks up at him for a moment before responding, "Fine, I'll give you that."


Domino emit a small chuckle before turning towards the elevator to leave. He would eventually make it home– leaving his things in his quite expensive apartment before heading off into town. The man wouldn't really bother to change his attire, as he was just heading to a lounge that he was a regular at. Domino takes a seat at the bar, and orders a drink before conversing with the bartender.

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