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scout/guardian build


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Hello. I never had the chance to play KOTOR before and I wanted to ask for ideas about a character build. I've searched faqs and forums but none of them seem to answer what I'm specifically looking for. I want to create a character that is mainly focused on melee ( lightsabers) but also have the ability to use force powers at a decent level. They don't have to be extremely efficient (but solid) and not totally useless . I just don't want to hack through the game with a melee weapon and don't want to miss the fun with powers.

Let's say the balance would be 75-25 % or 70-30 % ( just to give you an idea what I'm looking for) in melee favor . I've heard that scout/guardian would be a good choice. If so what would be the level distribution? 4/16 5/15 , other? And what about attributes?


If you have other suggestions ( other classes) that would fit , please share.


Thanks in advance .

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