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May I suggest a new hosting service for you mods and patches?


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Hello everyone, I am the webmaster of LoneBullet ( http://www.lonebullet.com ) - the website where most of gamefront was backed up when it shut down. We have added the option of uploading files to LoneBullet. It is in beta stage, but we believe it is of use now. So if you guys ever need a place to upload your mods, skins, patches, or any type of file, do consider my website as an option.


As we have currently just started accepting user files, there are no size restrictions (we do believe that size restrictions don't stop modders upload large files, it just increase the stress for them to splitting them into multiple files and then making 10 different listings), there are also no number of upload limits (basically we haven't figured out the limits yet, but we have lots of space and unlimited bandwidth).


Our file servers are powered by a Quad-Core i5 (enough for the current load) and run on the OVH network (250MbPS dedicated bandwidth). We also have thousands of visits daily by users who download lots of stuff, mainly for Unreal, Quake, BF2. Small amount of users looking for Star Wars files lost due to the passing away of GameFront - So if you looking for exposure for your profile, we got it. If you face any problems or have questions, am here.

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