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Guest ZeroXcape

ok... I've spent the last hour 1/2 updating content on JK.net. I can honestly say that I've never worked on a larger site before. JK.net has amassed so much crap that its a wonder everything works ;)


Aside from removing about 100 megs of files in about 20 folders, I also changed up the nav links. Everything is easier to read, updated, and organized. I still have about 8 .html files in the root directory to change to .shtml files - but when that is done, I'm gonna have everyone download a copy of the entire ROOT directory. That way everyone's working w/the fresh material.


Also, I trimmed some fat off the main page. For 56Kers, the main page loads 10-15 seconds faster. The crazy thing is, I can still optimize a lot more, so I shall. For now though, to bed I go. Class in 6 hours :

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