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Imperium Collective


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I am Head of the Gaming department in the Imperium Collective.We are'nt a Clan, in fact we work on the basis of 2 Large groups of Gamers, the Rebels and Imperials, who will shortly be beginning our Flag ship Campaign system, fought in XWA,JK2,BG and CS.This new system, includes Limited numbers of Jedi, is fought just after Endor, and is as immersive and simple as is possible.For more details pop into our OWN IRC server


irc.cgfweb.net Port 6667


channel #ic


I will generaly be about 630 PM GMT, but other members TFM,Toxicfire and Blacksword, will generaly be about also.They will point you in the direction of one of the fleets Commanders.There will also be support for Bounty Hunters, and other more civilian trades shortly after the main release.


Hmm this is'nt working, alright.we'll recruit entire clans into both the rebel and imperial fleets,clan leaders will run their clan,but it would be good if you listended to orders from the HC we have emplace(Though not critical)There is a full experience system going to be implemented you would be assigned to an XWA Clan or Unit, to represent troops being carried by ships.If you are at least slightly interested please respond I will answer all questions and queries.



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