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hoorah... someone who has the guts to speak out

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Frankly... I agree with both of you...


Single player im not too bothered about.

I played Mysteries of the Sith addon in multiplayer on the zone. Tight community and loads of competition up till a point... incase some of you were solid JKers, there was much more scope in terms of levels and gaming types.


It was THE most antisipated game of my life... I was waiting for it right when everyone thought Obi-Wan was going to be on the PC... the I got it.


First week or so, I guess the fact that I had been waiting for it so long, clouded the fact that the game was lame, for me. Virtually everyone in the MotS and JK community has been disappointed with it and im no acception. We thought it was gonna be an improvement but it turned out to be a farce.


Now i could go on for ages about whats lame and the 'hows' and 'whys', etc...

Instead... im gonna lay it out simple.


Guns: Lame... mostly rip offs, 3 half decent guns... no ammo anywhere. Patch changes: making guns lamer by making them take up too much ammo.


Forces: Lame... I was quite impressed with push... pull sucks, you can hardly ever pull weapons from people, you cant pull stationary items. Grip is a stationary force (go figure?), all the light forces suck.. absorb is ok. Seeing is good but like run, you use it and your mana doesnt increase... WTF??? Jump is better. Patch changes: they made drain; the best force on the game, take up more mana for you than it drains from your opponent.


Sabering: Not interested. It was good in SP but i never expected anything of it in multiplayer, especially any lastability.


Game speed: LAME!!!... The game is slow... fair enough, we can get around that by console commands. Force run is useless. Patch changes: Raven Developers- "I know... instead of speeding the game up so people can actually find an 1v1 opponent on one of our huge levels in less than 10 mins... lets slow the game down even more!!".


Levels: Crap... Bespin streets is the only good multiplayer level... not too big, it can be mapped and you can find an opponent. It has a fair amount of ammo and most of the guns. The creativity on the rest of the levels is frankly sickening.


Teamplay: What team play? Team levels suck. You think this comes near Tribes, Wolfenstein, UT, Q3A for CTF or Team Deathmatch... Answer: No.


Quality of Games: Well...we go to the servers and what do we see: 30 man Saber games... Boring & Cheap, 30 man neutral force games... Boring & Cheap, 2 man saber duels... *cough*... WTF IS THIS RUBBISH?


Well... does this compete with ANY FPS multiplayer game around at the moment?.. nowhere NEAR


However, I never once said this game lacked in Modding potential. Here we have a community of people who are cleaver and skilled in different fields of modding. Im not one of them, but i know what a game needs to be good and I can tell you... you could take most of the edited parts of this game found on this site and make a mod 300000000 times better than the game is right now.


I went to Massassi and nobody wanted to hear it... i'm hoping to get some kind of response or help here.


I'm gonna try and get down my heavy exam schedule to get up some of my ideas on to this board... evaluate, criticise, improve, anything... main thing is that the game changes for the better... im out.

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I agree with just about everything you said, but maybe to a lesser degree. I bought JK and MOTS when they first came out and expected alot more out of JKII. Its still a decent game however.


I have a feeling it will take on a whole new feel once a few good mods come out.

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hello well i'm sad to see that nobody likes this game as much as i do i agree with some of the things you say like the sabers blow ass and thats supposed to be the coolest part in mp of course just to complex for some to figuare out how to use so people franticlly slash about and its just gay force jump is sweet but frustrating in a sabar dual and once you taste it you'll never go without because it feels restricting without it mostly i disagree with the fact that all force powers are bad i though most were awsome if set to level 3 exept i would like to tweek them to my likeing there system of levels of force doesn't seem balenced and the effect itself of a lower level is different with some FP making the way its used different as well basicly i thought that it was a good game but i also agree some of the mods look even better like the hunting seems more up my alley then jk2 so i can't wait for that one ya

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I think you shouldnot compare this game with a real FPS like SOF2 or wolfenstein 3D. This game gives you an opportunity to shoot AND SLASH 'N USE THE FORCE in addition to all the gaming fun in FPS....


Me thinks youre a bit harsh...

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