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ET graphics problem

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Ok, I just got Emperor's Tomb for PC, and I am having a SERIOUS graphics problem. When I run the game, almost everything on the screen is a solid green color. I've tried everything, but nothing helps. Anyone else have this problem, or any suggestions?

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I doubt that LucasArts tech support comes here to read your post. On the other hand, nobody here is probably able to help you to find out the cause of this particular problem.


So I would go to:



There, use Yoda's Help Desk to submit your support inquiry via e-mail. They will answer. Be sure to include as much info about your setup as possible. The most important info should be graphics card, screen res, operating system.

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Thanks for the suggestion, nd, but unfortunately, my home comp won't let me open the whole email page. It cuts it off right under the joystick question, which also cuts off the submit button. I did just check it this morning at my school, and it works there, but I didn't have all the info about my computer. So, I guess I just have to bring all the information there.:mad:

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I had this problem, but not exactly sure what I did to fix it. Soooo... here goes.


1. I updated graphics card drivers and chipset drivers(chipsets i got from the compaq site for my nvidia card)


2. If your device manager says you have 2 monitors, disable the default one, and keep the specified one you know you have out of your graphics card.


3. Check in Direct X dialog if you have the correct monitor.


One of the two things worked for me. Hell if I know which one. Just mess around with it and I'll repost if I remember anything.


Post your Specs.

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Ok, thanks for the DirectX help. Also, here are the current stats:

1) I've checked the system properties, and it says I only have one monitor.

2) I ran the DirectX dialogue (thanks to memezcom), and it reports that everything is fine.


So, all that's left is to update my card, which, by the way, is an ATI Radeon DDR, which supposedly can handle the game. Thanks for all the help so far.

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Hmmm, I've got a Radeon 7200, and IJTET runs perfectly...


Oh, and you do have DirectX 8.1 or higher, right?


[Edit: Also I was just looking at the troubleshooting guide and this is the only thing that might be related:

ATI Radeon 7200, Radeon 7500, or Radeon 8500

When running Indiana Jones and The Emperor’s Tomb on a card with these chipsets, you may experience the following issues:


• Windows XP: When using ATI Catalyst 3.1 driver version with Anisotropic Filtering enabled in the ATI Control Panel, you may experience crashes in the game. Disabling this feature corrects this issue.

• When FSAA is set to 4X, the map in Indy’s inventory does not display. Setting FSAA to 2X corrects this issue.

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Ok, I admit I should've done this earlier, but here are my computer specs now:

-Dell Dimension 8100

-Intel Pentium 4, w/Windows ME

-256 MB RAM

-1.4 Ghz processor

-DirectX 8.1

-Creative Sound Blaster Live (useless info, but oh well)


Questions: Do I need "disk compression" software? Or PC cards? Does anyone know at least what percent of system resources needs to be free?



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