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Stuck in 6th Trade Federartion mission.

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Can't get started? Well, there is no nova ore ore on the first island. So don't feel pressured to race them like the game says. Garrison a troop in the Comm centre. and have the rest Stand Ground just outside it. Build a Troop Centre in range of the power core, and start building AA troops. The Droids will hold the soldiers at bay, but you will need to manually move them to attack the ships that will attack the shoreline.


Have all workers on Carbon until you can build a Hvy Weapons factory. Get a Pummel from there, Ok, when the enemy have launched their pathetic wave, and you have a pummel, you can attack. Send all troops, droids, mechs and the pummel, accompanied by 3 AA troops. Leaving about 4 AA behind. The first thing you should do, is place Two strike Mechs outside the enemy troop centre (remembering to have a worker accompany you to heal everyone. The mechs will shoot down the troops that are made, stopping them from reaching the main body of troops.


Have your pummel crush the Comm centre, It will be under attack, but it can withstand it. Once it has fell, recall it, repair it. And trash the Light turret. At some point, fighters will attack your base, so use the AA troops you built to fend them off. Repair yourself, and trash what's left of the now undefended base. That should get you started. Good luck!

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