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Yet another ice monster bug - please send savegame

Guest metoo

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When I want to use machine part on monster or ice block at the end of level 4, the game just return to desktop. Tested it many times, even on different systems.


Is there already a general download to fix this problem? Or could someone please send me a savegame of level 5 start?




FYI: using german version

have used j3dupdate.exe

my system: AMD K6-3/400, 128 MB, Voodoo Banshee, Soundblaster Live

my other system: AMD K6-366/366, 64 MB, Vodoo 2, Soundblaster 16 PnP

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Much Thanx RMS Jr

Problem is, system hangs after loading your file. It shows the trailer map (philippines), then dark-screens until hard reboot.


Dunno if hardware config or whatever is written in the savegame file ...

Also wonder, what's with my IQ & things, can I summon it again?


Anyone a *german* savegame out there?

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Hey RMS Jr

Funny things going on here ...

I just was about to write another message to You ("no success after reinstall"), when I saw Indy in the philippines level coming up on my other system. It just took some time (about 2 mins), maybe just the cutscene wasn't displayed. Then, at first, I couldn't use the Esc key, but F5 then F10 fixed it, this time bringin up intro.


So long (given the maturity of that game, it won't be long until I'll post here again)

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