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Level 12 Pyrmaids HELP??

Guest Puck

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Got into the first big pyrmaid and have started the fire. Activated the crystals for the levitation thing, but I dont' know where to go from here. My map (w/ hint) is showing that I need to get to some lower level with a passage to another pyrmaid. I can't figure out where it want me to go. It looks like the room where the snakes drop out of that thing in the wall, when you press the eye switch. But I can't do anything there.


Any ideas?




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Guest 6pack chokesnake

Have you jumped the pit, pushed the button that raises the monolith, jumped back, pulled the block out to keep the monolith in place, then shimmied across the pit grasping onto the new ledge you've enabled?

If you have not, do so immediately.

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