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The Rebel Squadrons!


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Greetings, galactic adventurers. I am Colonel Leonard Cable, the Recruiting Officer for a group called the Rebel Squadrons. Since 1995, the Rebel Squadrons has paved the way for online gaming communities. Now, with a member list over 300 strong and a selection of platforms ranging from X-Wing to Jedi Outcast and the newly added Star Wars Galaxies, any member can find something to do. For the non-gamer, the club offers fictional writing, role-playing/simming, digital imaging, web site design, programming, and much more. Players are rewarded in the Rebel Squadrons with an actual rank system and medal awarding system. And, best of all, membership is 100% free!


For you avid Star Wars: Galaxies players, the Rebel Squadrons has a presence of dedicated gamers. Playing on the Starsider server, our Player Association (RS PA) has its main headquarters on Corellia. The RS PA is all about sharing between members. The members of our PA help each other to get skills, resources, and items. Whether you are an artisan, fighter, scout, or dancer, you can find help and friends in our PA. Come join us, and enjoy group hunts, raids, and gaming fun in accurate, immersive Star Wars style!


If any of this sounds intriguing to you, drop by our website at http://www.rebelsquadrons.org (Please pardon any errors, but we're currently rennovating.) Also, if you need more info you can email me at SanLC504@aol.com. I look forward to seeing or hearing from you in the future!

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