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  1. Oh a thread about Mojo Art! =) I have for a year or so, been wanting to bring back Mojo Art to life, but this time "web 2.0 friendly" aka no more manual updates in code. :S I have been looking for a CMS that is free, and has: - A gallery where you can sort pics by: Pictures: -- recent pictures -- most viewed picture Picture Comments: -- most commented picture -- recent comments -- most commented - Useful user profile panel - Avatar, website, birthday, the usual - Your recent comments - Your recent forumposts (perhaps) - Your recent pictures - A newspage / Blog - News if any. I intend to make the gallery self-updating by users, and the gallery to be "sortable". I have found one that has not all but many of these features. I will give it a try this month hopefully, and can let you guys know when its ready.
  2. Thanks a million for the hard work and effort Laserschwert. *bows* ^^
  3. Very well done sir! You nailed the atmosphere (lightning & colors) ! :-) Even though the video have shaders and HDR the colors/graphics still fits in. It just feels more fresh without ruining the old feeling. I think nailing the colors right allow it to have lots of shaders and HDR without ruining it. I could seriously play this and be a happy MI2 fan. I think that is a very high grade. :-) So again well done to say the least! When I viewed the video I noticed the colors from the original concept art, and I thought "Woa its from those MI2 concept art pics. How did he get those 2d pics into 3d so well done? Awesome!" Thanks a lot for doing this! I love it! :-) Edit: I also wish LucasArts could _afford_ (hah) to make MI games with licensing such a nice engine. Or that heads at Crytek would be uber MI fans, and would let Telltale Games use the Cryengine for free. Hah. xD The 2d pics. http://www.mixnmojo.com/galleries/gallery.php?gallery=111&image=743 http://www.mixnmojo.com/galleries/gallery.php?gallery=111&image=742
  4. The new trailer for MI-remake (the 2d one) on the official site did only "meh" me. But this dialog scene at gametrailers.com gave me that old Monkey Island atmosphere again. Sweet! :-) I thought those days of experiencing the "old lec atmosphere" were lost and forgotten. Im glad they arent!* :-) *Im kinda assuming how the whole game will be like from a 1 min scene. So what? :-) Im a MI fanboy heh. http://www.gametrailers.com/video/e3-09-the-secret/50120?type=flv Edit: Btw: Hi! Been a long time since I visited & posted here.
  5. Can I get help getting listing images from somethingawful.com photoshop friday? There is lots of cool LucasArts/starwars/indy related images there. I wanna make a page for all the pics on mojo art. Would be nice to have them archived and easy to view all at once. Here is one: Dott from: http://www.somethingawful.com/d/photoshop-phriday/paintings-light-ii.php?page=5
  6. From http://mojoart.mixnmojo.com/ Most screen recording programs record cut-scenes in LEC games with stutter in my experience. And how did he do it? How did he record/extract the cut-scenes from The Dig with video getting so smooth? I asked for if he could do some sort of a guide, so others could perhaps make more excellent smooth videos from scumm games. And here is the guide: http://mojoart.mixnmojo.com/fan-art/stefan-sundin_san2png.txt
  7. Wonderful stuff! LucasRadio is a bit retro. Is it 1997 again? Request: Can we have a playlist somewhere to look at what songs are up?
  8. This cloud reminds me of the "The Dig Intro" cloud http://www.fotocommunity.com/pc/pc/cat/3427/display/5883648 It is very pretty!
  9. I might be able to do some good. Wait, I'll come back with a link.
  10. DOTT / Hentai crossover Woot!? Hentai is manga pr0n isnt it? Hmm, were the purple tentacle a female?
  11. What is Ortakornz? The Double-costume made me laugh. Kinda makes it into another level. Thanks for the links to the funny pics
  12. Thanks for the links! I hadnt got he Dott logo in EPS before. Thanks.
  13. pray for mojo lol Edit: I dug up the past. Sorry for the old skeletons, and what not. Click this link http://mojoart.tripod.com/prayformojo/foot.gif , when mojo is back. Where is our mojo 8 anyway? Or did we get it already? http://mojoart.tripod.com/prayformojo/_art_jbraa_voodoo-lady.html Oh yea we did. Mojo 8 roxz Good job!
  14. My first experience of a russian site that writes a little about my own site and about the Mixnmojo network of sites and with it links. In russian http://www.computerra.ru/play/ http://www.computerra.ru/play/links/287785/ In translated russian to english http://www.online-translator.com/url/tran_url.asp?lang=en&url=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.computerra.ru%2Fplay%2Flinks%2F287785%2F&direction=re&template=General&cp1=NO&cp2=NO&autotranslate=on&psubmit2.x=68&psubmit2.y=14 Nice job on the LeChuck image Jake.
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