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  1. That floppy disk isn't even write protected. RISKY.
  2. The only explanation is that everyone is too busy playing to comment, only stopping to eat, drink, sleep and defecate, simultaneously to save valuable game time.
  3. Whoa whoa whoa. I was asking about this insane CD-ROM version of Psychonauts. Wing Commander IV barely installed the executables, never mind anything else, and I spent way too much money on the DVD version back in the day. It was a sneak peek at what it would be like to be @elTee.
  4. I had no idea. My brain went to Wing Commander IV rather than Phantasmagoria, but it's the same deal. Imagine still thinking it was a good idea to ship a game on multiple CD-ROMs nearly ten years after my favourite FMV-fest. At least with those old school games you got a sense of achievement as you advanced through the CD-ROMs. Except when you had to swap back to disc 1 because you died. I'm curious to know too - did the FMV get streamed from the CDs, or was it all installed? It was installed, right? It must have been installed. Right?
  5. Benny is fired, if so. AndyWinXP for king.
  6. Benny for Supreme Leader Marshal of the Republic.
  7. There's a big gap in the market for a low quality knockoff stuffed with medical waste. Just putting it out there.
  8. I hate getting ruined on the Xbox Showcase.
  9. Ooh, listen to Mr "I've got a PS5" over here. I wish Psychonauts 2 was coming out for the car radio on my Rolls Royce Phantom, you don't hear me going on about it.
  10. Isn't Harrison older than the Ark of the Covenant at this point? Still, if they can paint out his zimmer frame with CGI and inject half the fun of the original movies, I'll be on board.
  11. From the mystes o' tyme, here are some more! My browser goes all whacked out if I try to download the links directly, but if I paste each URL into a new window it works??? Maybe I'm just unlucky and you won't have any trouble.
  12. COMI isn't a 16-bit Windows game, so it should work fine on a 64-bit OS with some coaxing! You could try the setup program and launcher made by the excellent human at Quick and Easy Software: Installer Launcher Let us know how you get on!
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