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  1. I hate getting ruined on the Xbox Showcase.
  2. Ooh, listen to Mr "I've got a PS5" over here. I wish Psychonauts 2 was coming out for the car radio on my Rolls Royce Phantom, you don't hear me going on about it.
  3. Isn't Harrison older than the Ark of the Covenant at this point? Still, if they can paint out his zimmer frame with CGI and inject half the fun of the original movies, I'll be on board.
  4. From the mystes o' tyme, here are some more! My browser goes all whacked out if I try to download the links directly, but if I paste each URL into a new window it works??? Maybe I'm just unlucky and you won't have any trouble.
  5. COMI isn't a 16-bit Windows game, so it should work fine on a 64-bit OS with some coaxing! You could try the setup program and launcher made by the excellent human at Quick and Easy Software: Installer Launcher Let us know how you get on!
  6. Tall Guy! Tall Guy! Tall Guy!
  7. How long will it be until the letter from Gabez is a collector's item in itself? Anyone's home would be improved by some signed SCUMM Bar newsletter comics on the wall.
  8. Whoa that icon is cool. And much better than the boring one they actually went with, as far as I'm concerned! Are you saying that the data for the cool icon is actually on the duplicated Monkey Island 2 disks, but you can only access it by digging into the filesystem as it's been "deleted"? Someone needs to re-upload all the Monkey Island 1 icon images from the archived thread Benny linked before. Definitely the coolest Amiga icon in the business, especially with a suitable colour palette. The Workbench 1.3 palette worked out pretty well, but I'm led to believe that the
  9. This is great, but who are the humans in these photos? There's the one with the face, and the other one with the hair and also a face, and then there's Gabez. I know that one. How do I know what Gabez looks like? I don't know. And there might be a fourth human form faintly visible on the boundary between this dimension and the next, I'm not sure, I can't be bothered double checking even though it would have taken less time than writing this bit. And then there's a picture of a train ticket. Train tickets! I remember those. I even remember the ones like in your picture where they sa
  10. You haven't truly solved an adventure game puzzle until you've used everything with everything, exhausted every line of dialogue, used everything with everything again (just in case), then finally realised there's an entire room you haven't walked into yet which contains all the answers to your problem.
  11. Why would you do this? You've doomed us all.
  12. Even that archive.org link is down. We're doomed.
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