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  1. With reference to this thread, and specifically this comment by Laserschwert, I decided to try running some of the localised game titles through Gigapixel AI and then merging them with Laser's cleaned posters from this thread as a proof of concept. I did a VERY lazy cut out of the text, and you will note that the Hit the Road title clips over the bottom because I just matched the position to the box, but I think the results are surprisingly promising! It will be interesting to see what these might look like when handled by someone who really knows what they're doing
  2. After finding the CMI ad, I decided to hunt down some more Taiwanese LucasArts adverts and I wasn't disappointed: Bonus:
  3. Tried to find out some further info about Curse and found this cool advert:
  4. I'm not sure where the files for this version were sourced, but it has been verified in DREAMM. It was probably found online somewhere, I know a lot of online versions of various games had to be tested so Aaron could rule out all the hacked/cracked or otherwise unofficially modified ones.
  5. It turns out I was wrong - the CD I tested didn't have English talkie at all, and neither did any of the other European CD versions, so I've corrected the chart to reflect this. Thank you Laserschwert! I've marked Fate of Atlantis as "NON TALKIE" for international releases and set all European versions to green. Weirdly, the Japanese version does include the English talkie, so I've made a note on that entry.
  6. This would be amazing, I haven't been able to find much information about the Argentinian releases at all. I assumed they might well be the Spanish versions of the games with an Argentine distributor - if you're able to confirm any info about game languages (eg. subtitle language and talkie language where applicable) that would be extremely useful! Thank you 🙂
  7. Good point! 😂 DREAMM currently recognises the disc we have as legitimate so we definitely need to double check this one. Thank you!
  8. There seems to be one here? The version I tested from our collection is a "re-release" CD and it was in English with the German subs. However, it's possible it's some kind of weird version cobbled together on the internet... I'll need @Benny to confirm if the disc I used was legit or not.
  9. The only Japanese release of CMI I found had a translated manual but the game was in English. However, anything is possible! That's one of the main reasons for this thread. Sadly there turned out to be lots of bogus information floating around - forum posts of people alleging eg. fulled dubbed Brazilian / Portuguese releases where the discs we found were translated text and English talkie. The only way to be truly sure is via a disc image, and that's where this gets so difficult 😕 I also found lots of images of games with translated text that turned out to be fan translations. The passage of time has made identifying some of these difficult, too. We've often had to delve deep into the resource files to figure it out 🙄 Despite all this, I'm generally open to the possibility of there being Korean and Japanese versions out there that we're currently unaware of, so any information anyone can share is always welcome!
  10. That would be really cool 😀 Although finding high quality images of some of these boxes is extremely difficult!
  11. I've updated the original post and managed to find a few images of the Monkey Island 2 release via YouTube - the video is worth a watch as you get to see some of the box contents in Hebrew
  12. This is fantastic! Thank you, I'll get our master list updated with these this evening 👍
  13. Thanks Ben, and I should point out that the Japanese Lucasarts Adventure Pack (Fate of Atlantis, Indy Desktop Adventures and The Dig) was released in two versions, one for Mac and one for Windows PC. I believe the Windows version is the one we need (although Ben will correct me if I'm wrong!)
  14. As many of you will be aware, we at Mixnmojo have been helping Aaron Giles track down some of the obscure international releases of the LucasArts games to ensure that they're supported in his brilliant DREAMM emulator. This has been somewhat tricky because some of the LucasArts adventure games have been released in countries as far flung and diverse as Israel, China, South Africa and Brunei, and while in most cases these were released with localised boxes and/or manuals, the games themselves have remained in English. So, as far as DREAMM is concerned, there's no difference between the English release of Escape From Monkey Island and the South African release, because the resource files are identical. However, some lucky countries received these games in a fully localised form, be it either translated texts, or a fully voiced re-dubbed talkie version. These ones of course have different resource files to the English versions, and DREAMM can now identify and run effectively all of them. This is a remarkable achievement and I salute and thank Aaron Giles for taking the time to make sure that these relatively obscure versions of the game work as originally intended. Now, the reason I'm posting this is to share the master list of versions we've compiled, and to request that if you know of any translated versions of games that aren't on the list, to please let us know about them (and wherever possible, to send a copy of the game files to Aaron so that he can check them out and add them to DREAMM's list of recognised titles). I'm not particularly interested in English releases in foreign countries (the list of these is incomplete because DREAMM will always be able to recognise the English versions of the resource files, so it simply isn't a pressing issue), but if you live in say Bulgaria and happen to know that a local distributor did sell eg. Monkey Island 1 with a Bulgarian manual, please feel free to share this in the comments. Also, if anyone happens to have a copy of the Japanese DOS/V version of Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis with the Japanese game text, please share a copy with Aaron as we've been unable to find this particular game anywhere outside of extremely expensive Japanese auctions! As a separate project I'm collecting scans of boxes, disks and manuals of any international versions for the Mojo games database, so if you happen to have any images of obscure versions please share them in this thread (assuming you're happy for Mojo to make use of the images in future). I'll share some images and scans of the more interesting versions I've found in replies to this comment. For now, here's a chart documenting what we've found, and thanks in advance for any contributions you can make to this! (Upated 11-Sep-23 with Israeli releases courtesy of Daniel Albu; 12-Sep-23 to correct Fate of Atlantis errors courtesy of Laserschwert). (The below was a separate post, but the forum merged them.) So, as promised here are a few interesting versions I've come across in the last few days: China / Taiwan Soft-World releases Korean Dongseo Game Channel releases (I love these long boxes!) Hebrew MechKat releases: By necessity these images have been acquired from around the web, so if I've used a photo that belongs to you here and you'd like it removed, please let me know.
  15. The quote you have here says "it's just how I feel" and then makes a massive sweeping statement about "all the elements we love about MI". You're speaking for yourself.
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