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  1. The quote you have here says "it's just how I feel" and then makes a massive sweeping statement about "all the elements we love about MI". You're speaking for yourself.
  2. I have strong feelings about the EGA version, it's true. But I don't begrudge anyone for preferring the VGA version. Amiga, on the other hand...
  3. You know you can also swim between the islands, right? Takes absolutely ages 😉
  4. Thank you Aaron, DREAMM is absolutely superb 😘👌
  5. The sunset disappears when you go into the second area of Melee town - where the shop/alley/church/jail is. After this, when you go back to the dock the sun on the horizon has been replaced by a sprite showing a flat horizon, and some colours in the palette are set to different colours to create the effect that it's now darker.
  6. That was amazing! Thank you Marius, and well done!
  7. It seems slightly antithetical to allow things like asset replacement in DREAMM to me anyway. If you are interested in playing modified versions of the games I think ScummVM can handle that adequately, but DREAMM is more about replicating the original experience?
  8. I just need to go on record and say how happy I am that DREAMM exists. It's already my preferred method for playing the LucasArts adventure games, just so easy and hassle-free. Thank you Aaron!
  9. Another example of something I learned from the scripts (that I COULD have learned by just playing the game) is how many bespoke lines there are for blowing the ship's horn in various locations.
  10. This is what I told ATM yesterday when he contacted me to complain about things I wasn't responsible for. Unfortunately, he was too upset. Acting on the basis that his imaginary thread about MI2 differences was imaginarily deleted, I think he said he wasn't coming back.
  11. Yes, but it wouldn't be much fun! You'd need to decompile a PC copy and an amiga copy (can't remember what tool you'd use for that, possibly scumm packer?) then manually run individual scripts through descumm. Then you'd need to compare the outputs. As far as I know, nobody has ever done this, and it isn't for a lack of interest 😂
  12. I'm so glad other people see Stan in this character. I actually asked Tim Schafer about it in 2004, and this thread prompted me to dig out the email: Me: I was just wondering if the character of Stan in SOMI was based on Kurt Russell in Used Cars? He even looks like him in the early scenes! ... Anyway, still eagerly awaiting Psychonauts, and I *know* there will be a Gamecube version, right? ... right? Response: No, and I am afraid no. Both questions. Sorry to bring you down
  13. I took some quick photos to show some friends the funny pictures in the manual for the Japanese version of the Sega CD Monkey Island, so I thought I'd share here for anyone who's interested in this kind of thing. Apologies for any poor quality etc.
  14. Not sure what's happened here, but people have already been warned about certain topics of conversation that are not up for debate. That does not mean people aren't allowed to make a thread about differences between MI2 versions if they want to.
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